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Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role!

For my performance as Danny in Joe Breen’s ALL MY LOVE, KATE at last year’s Fresh Fruit Festival, I’ve been awarded a “Fruitie” for Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role!

Joe’s marvelous play won a few other awards, too: Outstanding Production (Joe Breen),  Outstanding Performance in a Featured Role (Sarah Matteucci), and Outstanding Choreography (Erika Wasko). Congrats to everyone!

There’s going to be an Awards of Distinction Gala at the Bowery Poetry Club in May and I’ll post some pictures here.

the cast of ALL MY LOVE, KATE

the cast of ALL MY LOVE, KATE


I shot two episodes of NBC’s hit series THE BLACKLIST in November, playing an anchorman (again, my passion for news and politics pays off!). Season 6 kicks off in January 2019, with my episodes most likely airing in March. I worked solo—just me behind an anchor desk, but the great crew, led by directors Andrew McCarthy (!) and Christine Gee, was a joy to work with. They work fast, too: I shot my two episodes in just three hours!



It’s been TOP SECRET for more than a year, but I can finally reveal that I have a part in Rockstar Games’ newest epic video game, RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2. I play Palmer, the “clearly overwhelmed” acting sheriff of Armadillo, an Old West town overrun by the Del Lobo gang. Filming the motion capture for this video game was one of the most incredible experiences of my career—but it’s so TOP SECRET that that’s all I can say about it!

RDR2 wide logo.jpg

wrappping up 2018 with NEW PLAY READINGS

What is it about the end of the year that so many great playwrights want to get their plays read? I’m not complaining! The final months of 2018 had me busy with a number of readings:

  • Sari Caine’s sensational new play DOG DREAMS had a reading at The Arc, an old sushi factory in Long Island City that her group, DMNDR, is converting into a multi-use performance space

  • I read a role in Sandy Gruenwald’s WHO LOVES YA, BABY at the Sheen Center

  • I helped organize an informal reading of John Ryan Martine’s gay bathhouse epic EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE in my living room, where I was joined by actors Dan Domingues, Clea Alsip, and Virginia Logan

  • at my old stomping ground Primary Stages/ESPA, I read THE SHATTERING OF GLASS by D.L. Newton

  • and I ventured down a few floors of my building to director Abigail Zealey-Bess’s apartment for a reading of my friend Andy Bergh’s new play, JANE OF THE TREE


Pamela Bob’s brilliant new TV series LIVIN’ ON A PRAIRIE had its official premiere the legendary Tribeca TV Festival this fall. Three of the six short episodes were screened for an international audience, including one of the episodes I appear in, “Bonnetheads Anonymous,” wherein I confess my obsession with—you got it—LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. I’m proud to be in this hilarious series, and stay tuned for more updates!

Matt W. Cody on the red carpet for LIVIN’ ON A PRAIRIE at the 2018 Tribeca TV Festival

Matt W. Cody on the red carpet for LIVIN’ ON A PRAIRIE at the 2018 Tribeca TV Festival

wrapping up 2017 with NEW PLAY READINGS

At the end of 2017, I took part in a flurry of readings of new plays and screenplays.

In David Lavine's THE BRIGHT FOG, I played an art thief; for Janice Danielle, I read a variety of smaller roles in her screenplay CAPUCINE; and I supported a reading at The Studio of the soon-to-be-released feature film TU ME MANQUES by reading stage directions.

The highlight, however, may have been another developmental reading of Andy Bergh's great new play DOMESTICATED QUEER. Directed once again by the marvelous Abigail Zealey-Bess, this reading gave me the opportunity to work with the magnificent Tony nominee Lou Liberatore and the legendary, three-time Tony nominee Brian Murray. There's more news to come about this wonderful play!

LIVIN' ON A PRAIRIE: an original TV series

I'm thrilled to announce that Pamela Bob's hilarious TV series LIVIN' ON A PRAIRIE had its premiere at the Brazen Tavern on May 14. LIVIN' ON A PRAIRIE follows Pamela as she navigates life and love while struggling to overcome her obsession with the 1970's hit TV show LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. I play a bonnethead--a guy who secretly loves the show, too. Pamela and I meet by chance... is there a future there? Stay tuned!

Matt W Cody and Justin Sams in LIVIN' ON A PRAIRIE

Matt W Cody and Justin Sams in LIVIN' ON A PRAIRIE